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Questions & Answers

Can I drive myself?
Yes, you must arrive on time at the trailhead or the location of the activity. We will not wait.

Do I get a discount if I drive myself?
No, the cost for transportation for our van is incorporated in the overall expense to operate the trip.

Can I bring my own food?
On single day trips, yes. On multiday trips, we STRONGLY prefer you allow us to prepare the meals.  

Do I get a discount if I bring my own food?
Single day trips you get a $5 discount.

What if I am vegan or vegetarian?
We can still prepare your food accordingly with delicious taste.  

Is there an age requirement?
Each trip specifies the age welcomed to join.

Can I bring my dog?
Sorry, but we must leave our four-legged friend at home, unless it is a service dog.

Are the guides certified?
Yes, at the minimum our guides have wilderness first aid, yet most possess several types of certifications in multiple areas.  

Please contact us with further questions. Steven@nativeadventures.com 760-851-9461